REPORT: It’s Even Harder To Get A Gun Permit In Cities That Are Defunding Their Police

Gun sales are skyrocketing across the country.

It began with the Coronavirus pandemic but then got even stronger when the rioting and looting began in certain cities.

Now that some of these cities have adopted the insane idea of defunding their police, people are even more concerned about being able to protect themselves.

Yet it’s even harder to get a gun permit now, especially in these crazy cities.

FOX News reports:

In ‘defund police’ cities with rising crime, getting a gun no easy task: ‘Near-impossible to get a permit’

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As crime spikes in many cities and calls to defund the police rise, so too has the demand for guns — yet while these trends widely are seen as related, it remains difficult or time-consuming in many of these same places to get a firearm.

Firearm-related background checks reached 3.9 million nationally in June, the most since the tracking system was created more than two decades ago, a sign of booming sales. The FBI conducted 3.6 million such checks in July, the second-highest number on record.

Mark Oliva, director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents gunmakers, said the confluence of calls to defund police along with civil unrest and various crime connected to that is “unquestionably … why this trend is increasing.”

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Aside from unrest in places like Seattle, chaos erupted overnight in Chicago in response to a police-involved shooting.

But in some of the Democrat-dominated cities taking steps to defund or curtail their police departments, worrying many that response times may be increased as resources are stretched thin, getting a gun for personal protection is no easy task.

Reasons include tight gun laws, pandemic-related backlogs and even a dearth of stores.

In one county in Pennsylvania, people are being told they may have to wait until November.

CBS News in Pittsburgh reports:

Applications For Concealed Carry Permits Backed Up To November In Allegheny County

At Allegheny County Courthouse, it seems that just about everyone is suddenly applying for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. But if you’d like one, there’s some bad news. The earliest you can get one is November.

Amanda Seath and her daughter Coraline made the trip from Turtle Creek to the Allegheny County Courthouse for one purpose — to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun. They’re not alone. More than 6,000 people are waiting to do the same.

The American people are guaranteed the right to bear arms by the Constitution.

If the police aren’t able to protect the people, the people have a right to protect themselves.


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