REPORT: Joe Biden Is Unhappy With Media’s Coverage Of His Administration

Joe Biden is reportedly unhappy with the way the media is covering his administration.

This is hilarious considering the way the media has completely laid down for him going all the way back to the campaign.

Biden should try walking a mile in Trump’s shoes, considering he was savaged by the media seven days a week for his entire four years as president and beyond.

Politico reports:

Biden to media: Be better

JOE BIDEN doesn’t do many off-the-record chats with reporters. So the traveling White House press corps was surprised and intrigued when the president dropped by Air Force One’s press section for one such session with them during a recent trip to the West Coast.

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But Biden wasn’t just there to field questions. He had his own message to deliver. According to multiple people familiar with the off-the-record session, he used much of his time with reporters to criticize the quality and tenor of press coverage of his administration.

There is growing frustration by the president and his family that he is not receiving the kind of generally more positive coverage they believe he deserves — that too often attention is focused on staff turnover and poor poll numbers and not a robust jobs market and America’s relatively strong economic recovery.

In addition to privately pushing reporters, the president and his team are also trying new tactics to change the prevailing storylines. Among them is an attempt to reframe the narrative around issues like inflation.

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Like so many other Democrats, Biden seems to think that his problem is messaging rather than policy.

They think that if they just use different words, people will like their positions more.

It never even occurs to them that it has more to do with outcome than marketing.


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