REPORT: Joe Biden’s ‘Crime Plan’ Has Link To George Soros Anti-Gun Group

Have you noticed that almost every time Democrats want to do something, the left wing billionaire George Soros is somehow connected to it, lurking in the background?

Joe Biden’s plan to deal with crime is no exception.

A Soros-backed anti-gun group has a direct tie to the plan. What a surprise.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Soros gun-ban group has key role in Biden ‘crime’ plan

President Joe Biden is teaming with anti-gun advocate George Soros and several other liberal groups in his bid to reduce violent crime by focusing on guns and legal gun sellers.

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Included in his plan is hosting meetings over the next 18 months in 15 high-crime cities where Soros’s Open Society Foundation and 12 other pro-gun-control groups will spell out “best practices” to help city leaders with the explosion of violence in their cities.

A scan of the policies of those 13 groups shows that all are anti-gun and, like Biden, blame firearms for violence plaguing some cities.

The list does not include any gun industry groups, notably the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which has several programs to cut crime and stop guns from getting into the wrong hands through straw or other illegal purchases.

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The groups Biden chose are proponents of gun registration and bans.

Open Society, for example, has called for a new 1994-style ban on popular semi-automatic sporting rifles.

This guy has his hands in everything the left is doing.

Democrats claim they want big money out of politics, until Soros comes around.


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