REPORT: Media Ignoring Issues That Matter Most To Voters Ahead Of Midterms

Polling shows consistently that the issues that matter most to voters right now are the economy, specifically gas prices and inflation, and rising crime.

Yet the media is not focusing on these issues, instead pushing climate change, LGBT issues and January 6th.

Much like the Democrat party, the media is not in touch with the concerns of agerage Americans.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Out-of-touch media ignore top 10 voting issues to push climate, LGBT, Jan. 6 agenda

None of the top 10 areas voters are concerned about heading into the midterm elections are on the list of top five that the “legacy media” care about, further dividing the press and their consumers.

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In its latest review of the most pressing concerns voters are focused on versus those the media are giving full-time coverage to, Rasmussen Reports found that there is little overlap.

In a survey update of a similar poll done midsummer, the outfit said voters are most concerned about crime, gas prices, inflation, and election integrity.

But in its review of news coverage, the top areas the media care about are climate change, the fallout of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, and the war in Ukraine.

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While Rasmussen typically runs the comparison without much comment, the polling company this week took a shot at the difference between what the media want voters to care about and what voters actually care about.

The media is failing in one of its most basic duties.

The media is trying to set a narrative but it’s not going to change people’s minds or the way they vote.

You can’t lie to people about how much money they have.


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