REPORT: Obama Fired Some Of His Own Top Scientists To Advance Climate Change Agenda

The left’s commitment to advancing the idea of climate change is religious. Anyone who gets in the way is labeled a heretic in the form of “climate change denier.”

Now we know Obama has the same attitude about the issue.

The Washington Examiner reports:

House probe: Obama attacked own scientists to advance climate agenda

The Obama administration engaged in a calculated effort to dismantle an Energy Department program so it could focus on meeting the goals of the president’s climate change agenda, even going as far as to fire scientists that disobeyed strict orders not to talk to members of Congress, according to a Tuesday report issued by the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

The report showed the administration even attacked one of its own Energy Department scientists who stepped out of line with strict orders to deny lawmakers with information on a nuclear radiation program that it was seeking to scuttle to pursue its global warming programs more aggressively.

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“Instead of working to understand the value of the [radiation program] for emergency situations, [Energy Department] management engaged in a campaign to terminate research programs that could divert funds from the President’s Climate Action Plan,” the House committee’s report said. “Management and senior DOE employees privately discussed congressional support for the [radiation program] and its nexus to regulatory limits yet still maintained their agenda to close the program.”

A lot of this is going to change after January 20th.

Trump wants an “all of the above” approach to energy production and won’t be as concerned about climate change.

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That will surely cause more protests from the left but, oh well.


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