REPORT: Obama’s Justice Department Was Operating Massive Slush Fund For Left Wing Groups

Would you be surprised to hear that under Obama, the Department of Justice was allegedly funneling money to far left wing political groups?

Surely if such a thing had happened, our media would have reported on it. Right?

The Independent Women’s Forum has the story:

Report: DOJ Was Operating a Shadow Slush Fund for Activists

Ever wonder where all that money goes when the government settles a federal action against a bank for millions of dollars?

If you thought this money was returned to bank patrons or that the government uses it to pay down the deficit, or to support other government activities, think again.

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According to congressional investigators, this money has been going into the coffers of activist organizations. Reportedly, this operation was set up under the aegis of the Department of Justice. Fox reports:

The Obama administration funneled billions of dollars to activist organizations through a Department of Justice slush fund scheme, according to congressional investigators.

“It’s clear partisan politics played a role in the illicit actions that were made,” Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, told Fox News. “The DOJ is the last place this should have occurred.”

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Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of nonprofit organizations involved with grass-roots activism.

“Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations,” Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton told Fox News. “It’s a shakedown. It’s corrupt, pure and simple.”

Is this really so hard to believe?

What government department wasn’t politicized under Obama?


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