Report: Ohio State Attacker TRAVELED TO DC Just Before He Attacked

Uh oh!

In late November, Somali Abdul Artan rammed his car into a crowd on the Ohio State University campus. He emerged with a butcher knife and attacked nearby students. He injured 11 people before he was shot by a Ohio State policeman.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and claimed Artan was an ISIS “soldier.”

BREAKING: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Ohio State Attack - Abdul Artan ISIS Soldier

Now, it’s reported that Artan took a suspicious trip prior to the attack.


Although he hadn’t traveled out of Ohio since his arrival, Artan went to Washington, DC just before the attack.

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Voice of America reported: 

“According to sources close to the family, Abdul Razak Ali Artan went to Washington late on November 24 and came back to Ohio the following day.

Fitrakis said this short trip that occurred without the knowledge of the family surprised and shocked them.

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“The fact [was] that he never went out of central Ohio or Columbus area since the family came here, and his trip to Washington DC left the family very suspicious,” Fitrakis said. “He used an old car that had 200,000 miles on it to drive to D.C.””

Why would Artan leave Ohio for the first time in years just before the attack?

Why would Artan go to DC just before the attack? 


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