Report: Polls Are Rigged In New Hampshire – TRUMP IS ACTUALLY WINNING

Trump was in New Hampshire when the news broke about the FBI re-opening Hillary’s case. That’s where he uttered this response: The system “might not be as rigged as I thought:”


A lot of pundits wonder why Trump was in New Hampshire. They say Hillary has a decisive lead. They say New Hampshire is off the table.

The pundits are wrong.

Trump is in New Hampshire because he knows this: The polls are rigged in New Hampshire. Trump is actually winning! looked at recent polls and found a problem in the demographic data. 

In 2012, here was CNN’s demographic breakdown of voters in New Hampshire:

Race %: White 93% | Hispanic 3% | Black 2% | Asian 1% | Other 1%

That’s a black vote of 2% in 2012, when Barack Obama was running for President. Likely, a higher black vote than there will be in 2016. 

Now, look at the demographics in Emerson College’s most recent New Hampshire poll:

White: 81.2% | Black 10.0% | Hispanic&Other 8.8%

White voters are being undersampled by almost 12% in New Hampshire!!

Emerson’s New Hampshire poll had Hillary winning 46.3% to 43.1%. But when you adjust for the white vote undersampling, here’s the true current poll in New Hampshire:

Trump: 46.8%, Hillary: 42.26%

For the full analysis, click here.

Bottom line: The polls are rigged in New Hampshire.

Trump is actually winning New Hampshire!

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