REPORT: Republicans Now Seen As Better Party For America On National Security And Economy

Americans view the Republican party as better for the country on national security and the economy, according to a new poll from Gallup.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. These are the main reasons many conservative Americans vote Republican in the first place.

It also goes a long way to explaining why Democrats would always rather discuss other issues like climate change and race.

From Gallup:

GOP Now Viewed as Better Party for Security, Prosperity

Americans by significant margins now view the Republican Party as better than the Democratic Party at protecting the nation from international threats (54% to 39%, respectively) and at ensuring the nation remains prosperous (50% to 41%). The 15-percentage-point GOP advantage on security matters is its largest since 2015, while its nine-point edge on prosperity is its largest since 2014.

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Last year, the GOP had a narrow advantage on international matters while the parties were essentially tied on economic matters. More of this change has come from declines in Americans perceiving the Democratic Party as better on these issues than from increases for the Republican Party…

The 39% of Americans saying the Democratic Party will do a better job in the next few years of protecting the U.S. from terrorism and other international threats is down significantly from 46% last year. At the same time, there has been a smaller increase in the percentage of U.S. adults perceiving the Republican Party as better in this area, from 50% to 54%…

As is the case on international matters, there has been a seven-point drop in the percentage of Americans who say the Democratic Party is better able to keep the U.S. prosperous, from 48% to 41%. Now, 50% say the Republican Party is better, compared with 47% in 2020.

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This news is especially bad for Democrats as we’re about to head into 2022. After the holidays, we will be in midterm season.

Republicans are already favored to take back the House, but the Senate looks more like it’s in play with each passing week.


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