REPORT: Shy Trump Voters Are Real, And There Are More Of Them Now Than In 2016

When it comes to the 2020 election, there is a segment of support for Trump that simply does not get reflected in the polls.

Just as in 2016, there are people who will vote for Trump who will never admit that to a pollster.

There are very good reasons for this. People fear losing jobs, abuse from other people, and even being targeted by the media.

One difference between 2016 and 2020, is that there is reason to believe the silent Trump voters are even greater in number now than they were back then.

Townhall reports:

Poll: The Shy Trump Vote Is Bigger This Year…And Who Falls into This Category Should Terrify Democrats

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I’ll say it again, folks. The polling is screwed. It’s skewed. It’s a mess. Either we’re right to be highly skeptical and Trump wins an Electoral College landslide, or the pollsters are right and we’re heading for Armageddon come Election Day.

Still, the oversampling of Democrats, college-educated voters, and suburban Republicans hostile to Trump should bring a ton of scrutiny. The reluctance from some of these clown firms to switch to likely voter samples is also suspect. We’re not going to have a 2008 or 2012 electorate.

For starters, a new Hill-Harris poll noted that young Americans are not excited about this election at all. They’re not planning on voting. Gallup is reporting the youth interest in voting this cycle has hit its lowest levels since 2000.

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That’s in keeping with the results from Democracy Institute’s Patrick Basham, whose polling data, which has been mentioned in The Washington Times and Forbes, suggests there will be one million fewer young people voting this cycle.

The tweets below are very revealing, especially number 3:

Support for Trump is definitely greater than the media will ever admit.

We will know the full extent soon enough.


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