Report: TREY GOWDY “Seriously Considered For ATTORNEY GENERAL” (VIDEO)

Today on Fox Business, Charlie Gasparino reported on the latest candidates for positions in the Trump Administration.

Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani have already been put out there as possible candidates for Attorney General.

Now, there’s a new name.

Trey Gowdy is being “seriously considered for Attorney General.”

Trey Gowdy grilled James Comey and Hillary Clinton over Benghazi and Hillary’s private email server. He’d be a great Attorney General!

Watch via The Daily Trump (begin at 1:40):

From the video:

Charlie Gasparino: “I’ve been talking on your show a lot the last couple days on various names. Two new names that we’ve been hearing are pretty much being seriously considered for AG now. We’ve been hearing Chris Christie. We heard Rudy Giuliani. At one point Ken Feinberg. Trey Gowdy the Congressman from South Carolina. The chair of the House Benghazi committee I hear is being seriously considered for AG. Now, that would be interesting if he does become the AG.

Then you gotta ask yourself – he was a harsh critic of Hillary Clinton – I mean he was grilling James Comey in one of those hearings on him not bring charges against Hillary Clinton. You wonder if they’re actually going to make peace with Hillary Clinton. If maybe he might push for some sort of probe or something along those lines as AG so that would be very interesting.”

Trey Gowdy as Attorney General would be interesting, indeed!!

What do you think – Trey Gowdy or Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General?

Tell us in the comments!

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