REPORT: Trump Helped Republicans Make Huge Gains With Hispanic Voters In 2020

If you believe Democrats and the media, Trump is hated by the Latino community. That is simply not true.

New data from the 2020 election shows that Trump actually increased Republican gains with Latino voters.

How did this happen? It turns out that Latino voters are not fans of the ‘woke’ left.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Republicans credit ‘woke-ism’ for gains with Hispanics

Former President Donald Trump garnered 38% of the Hispanic vote in 2020, a major improvement with this key bloc that some Republicans attribute to the Democratic Party’s embrace of “progressive woke-ism.”

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Trump topped his abysmal 2016 performance with Hispanic voters by 10 percentage points, according to a post-election survey from the Pew Research Center. Some of the credit, say Republican operatives who have spent years encouraging Hispanics to support GOP candidates, belongs to the former president’s jobs-focused economic agenda. But the significant Hispanic shift toward Trump might never have happened, they emphasize, absent their perception that Democrats veered sharply left on cultural issues.

Specifically, proposals to defund the police and abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, plus support for a robust climate agenda that would eliminate the use of fossil fuels, sent Hispanics fleeing into the arms of Trump and the Republicans. That’s the conclusion drawn by Daniel Garza, a GOP operative who works in the trenches trying to boost Hispanic support for Republicans and runs LIBRE Initiative, a conservative group focused on outreach to this critical cohort.

“They are rejecting woke progressivism,” Garza told the Washington Examiner in a telephone interview Tuesday.

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This flies in the face of everything the liberal media has said for years.

This is an excellent reminder of how wrong the media often is.


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