REPORT: Trump May Use Federal Government To Act On California Homeless Crisis, Democrats Angry

The homeless situation in California is completely out of control. Everyone knows this.

Democrat leaders in the state are not doing enough to confront the problem, which is becoming a massive health crisis, so Trump is considering getting involved.

This is making Democrats angry for some reason.

Politico reports:

Trump’s reported California homeless takeover bewilders state, local leaders

California officials scrambled Tuesday to decipher a report that the Trump administration is planning to intercede in the state’s homelessness crisis.

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No issue is dominating the agenda in California like the housing shortage and homelessness spike, with mayors, state lawmakers and Gov. Gavin Newsom grappling to ameliorate an epidemic that is unavoidable on city streets.

But a Washington Post report that the Trump administration is considering demolishing homeless encampments and moving unhoused people into government facilities caught elected officials here off guard. Mayors were left trying to determine if they were dealing with a speculative threat or the possibility of concrete, drastic action…

In a head-snapping turn of events that illustrated the challenges California faces in working with a hostile and mercurial president, news of possible federal action dropped — bewildering officials — as Los Angeles officials were giving a tour to a Trump administration contingent focused on homelessness.

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This tweet is from a member of the Los Angeles City Council, if you can believe it:

This is a great response:

What do Democrats think is going to happen?

Do they think the rest of America is going to stand by and watch as they do nothing to stop this crisis?


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