REPORT: Trump Planning To Issue Multiple Commutations And Pardons Before Leaving Office

Trump is planning to use his pardon pen repeatedly during his final days in office.

Democrats and the media will become hysterical about this because they are addicted to Trump outrage.

Trump is fully within his rights to do this.

FOX News reports:

Trump may issue 50 to 100 commutations, pardons before term ends; rapper Lil Wayne expected to be on list

President Trump is expected to issue between 50 and 100 commutations and pardons before he leaves office this week, two sources familiar with the list told Fox News.

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The sources told Fox News that the announcement of the pardons will likely come in one large batch on Tuesday, but there is a slight chance the White House will wait to make them official Wednesday morning. The president has until noon on Wednesday to do so.

Fox News has learned that there was a meeting at the White House on Sunday afternoon to finalize the growing list of pardons and commutations. But sources with knowledge of the process say Trump is not expected to grant protective pardons for any members of his family, nor is he expected to attempt to issue a pardon for himself.

Despite an aggressive campaign by WikiLeaks to try to secure a pardon for its founder Julian Assange, the president is not expected to give him one.

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The Justice Department has maintained that Assange should face trial on 18 charges, put forth by the Obama administration in 2010, centered on conspiring to breach government computers and violate the Espionage Act. The charges carry a maximum of 175 years in prison.

Fox News has also learned that rapper Lil Wayne is expected to be on the list, while former Trump associate Steve Bannon is described as being “TBD.”

Even if Trump follows through on all of these pardons, he will still probably not match the numbers issued by Clinton and Obama.

That’s one of those inconvenient facts the media loves to ignore.


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