REPORT: Trump Reaches New High In Washington Post/ABC News Poll

Trump is still getting high marks from the American people during this crisis.

Despite the awful media’s repeated attempts to knock him down, the public remains more and more supportive of his efforts.

Townhall reports:

Crisis Surge: Trump Hits New Highs in WaPo/ABC News Poll

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying economic freeze, the 2020 presidential election cycle continues to churn forward.

Though presidential politics are on the back burner for the most part, it’s still interesting to track how voters may be thinking about the overshadowed race as it develops.

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On that front, I’ll remind you of what I wrote last week regarding the ‘rally around the flag’ effect that is surely boosting President Trump’s image at the moment. Despite the media’s incessant negativity, Gallup’s latest numbers show 60 percent of Americans approving of the president’s handling of the crisis. Pew also shows positive movement.

It’s impossible to predict how public opinion will shift if and when the pandemic worsens, then eventually dissipates. But for the moment, the incumbent is enjoying a ratings bump:

Take a look at this:

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Biden is lacking in enthusiasm for his campaign too.

From ABC News:

Biden consolidates support, but trails badly in enthusiasm: Poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden has emerged as Democrats’ top choice for the presidential nomination in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, but with only bare majority support within his party and a massive enthusiasm gap in a November matchup against President Donald Trump.

Indeed, strong enthusiasm for Biden among his supporters – at just 24% – is the lowest on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in 20 years of ABC/Post polls. More than twice as many of Trump’s supporters are highly enthusiastic about supporting him, 53%.

Trump’s still-strong rating on the economy is another challenge for Biden. So is this: Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who prefer Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the nomination, 15% say they’d back Trump over Biden in the fall.

That last part about Bernie supporters is probably a little low.


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