REPORT: Washington DC Is Paying Over A Million In Settlements To People Who Rioted At Trump’s Inauguration

Do you remember Trump’s inauguration in 2017? Do you remember all the left-wing radicals who caused trouble, assaulted people, started fires and worse?

Would you believe some of those people are now getting cash settlements from Washington, DC?

This story will make your blood boil. There are Trump supporters being held in solitary confinement over what happened on January 6th, but far left rioters are getting payouts.

This is from ABC News:

Washington to pay $1.6M to settle lawsuits after protests at Trump’s 2017 inauguration

The city of Washington has reached a $1.6 million settlement in two lawsuits that included allegations of arrests without cause and excessive force on protestors during the inauguration of former President Donald Trump in January 2017.

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The two lawsuits were brought by the American Civil Liberties Union of the District of Columbia and attorney Jefferey Light, on behalf of protesters.

The ACLU said in a statement about the settlement Monday that the lawsuit alleged that then-Police Chief Peter Newsham and more than 20 officers “engaged in or supervised constitutional violations including mass arrests of demonstrators without probable cause, unlawful conditions of confinement for detainees, and/or use of excessive force.”

The ACLU said that even though just a few protesters caused damage and engaged in violence, police rounded up more than 200 protestors and “detained them without access to food, water, or restrooms for up to 16 hours.”

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We do not have equal justice under the law anymore. Leftists get a pass for everything.

Just astounding.

Trump supporters get jail. Far left rioters get cash.


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