Reporter Who Covered The Biden Campaign And White House Now Dating A White House Staffer

A reporter named Alexi McCammond who frequently appears on CNN and MSNBC, and has been covering the Joe Biden White House, is now dating a White House staffer, according to various reports.

Isn’t that a conflict of interests?

This is the sort of issue that seems to repeat itself every time there’s a Democrat in the White House. The press has a tendency to see members of the administration as friends and dating material.

She has apparently been reassigned to cover the progressive movement and Kamala Harris but that doesn’t really change to optics of this.

The Federalist reports:

Axios Reporter Dating White House Staffer Still Covers Biden — And Covers For Him Too

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An Axios reporter’s relationship with a Biden White House staffer began raising eyebrows over ethics concerns after it was disclosed by Politico Tuesday.

Axios’s Alexi McCammond, also an MSNBC and NBC contributor who covered former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign for two years and now works intimately with the White House beat, is entwined in a romantic relationship with former Biden transition spokesman and current White House deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo. McCammond was previously engaged to another man last summer.

Politico published details of the arrangement in Tuesday’s “Playbook” newsletter, a daily bulletin for Beltway insiders. McCammond, the magazine reported, disclosed the relationship to her editors in November and asked to be taken off the Biden beat. Axios confirmed the reporting in a statement to The Federalist.

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“We reassigned her to cover progressives in Congress, the progressive movement, and Vice President Kamala Harris,” the website wrote in an email. “We stand by behind her and her coverage.”

During Obama’s presidency, there was a virtual revolving door between the media and the White House. This looks like the beginning of that trend repeating itself.

Does anyone believe the press is going to cover Biden the way they covered Trump?

Not a chance.



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