Uh oh . . . Trump has been talking about the election being rigged. Are we seeing it now?

Citizens are reporting their Republican votes being switched to Democrat votes in Texas.

Via KISSFM, here are some of the posts on Facebook:

And here’s another one in the Dallas area:

Here’s a response from a small town in Texas:

To those who say this is just a computer error: Why is the error always switching Republican votes to Democrat votes? If it were just an error, it would go the other way, too!

Here’s video from the 2014 elections showing the same thing happened in Maryland:

Let everyone know they must double-check their ballots. And if you don’t feel comfortable with a voting machine, you can always request a paper ballot!

Also, here’s a petition for Congress to investigate. It’s got over 50,000 signatures. Add your name today!

Don’t let the Soros voting machines win!

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