Republican Blake Masters Mopped The Floor With Democrat Mark Kelly In AZ Senate Debate (VIDEO)

Blake Masters was the clear winner in the Arizona Senate debate this week.

Mark Kelly, the Democrat incumbent, seemed unprepared and unable to respond to Masters who was pretty much always on offense.

Masters hit Kelly repeatedly on the border crisis, inflation, Biden’s policies and more.

Hot Air reports:

So who won? As most American media outlets do, The Hill’s analysis tried to offer pluses for both candidates. As a Democratic incumbent in what looks like a red-wave turnout, Kelly needed to paint Masters into corners. Instead, Masters appears to have controlled the outcome and hung Joe Biden, the border, and inflation around Kelly’s neck:

From The Hill:

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A pugnacious Masters largely stayed disciplined during the debate, avoiding any major gaffes and often successfully putting Kelly on the defensive, at times going so far as to ask the senator questions himself before the moderator stepped in.

Among the issues the Republican seized on was the border, asking why Kelly voted against an amendment introduced for the Inflation Reduction Act that would have required another 18,000 Border Patrol agents to be hired before additional IRS staff got hired.

The attacks sometimes appeared to put Kelly on the back foot.

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“There are votes that happen in D.C. that have nothing to do with Border Patrol agents — that might have the title on it and nothing happens,” Kelly argued at one point before listing how he’s worked to achieve more staffing for Border Patrol.

This was one of the amazing moments of the night:

Here’s more:

It wasn’t even close.

If the people of Arizona want a change, they should vote for Blake Masters.


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