Republican Blasts CNN’s Cuomo: “Antifa Is Taking Over Your Party” (VIDEO)

This was an incredible exchange between Republican Corey Stewart and CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo wanted Stewart to say the murderer in Charlottesville was a terrorist. Cuomo also tried to link the murderer to the Republican Party.

Corey Stewart wasn’t having any of it.

Stewart went on the attack against Cuomo, calling out CNN, Cuomo himself and the Democrat Party, saying, “Antifa is taking over your party.”

Finally, Cuomo cut it off, saying, “How is your earpiece? Can you hear me?”


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From the video:

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Corey Stewart: “Obviously it’s a great tragedy what happened. What is even more tragic, though, is CNN tried to exploit this woman’s death to try to say that all this violence was caused by the right when you know darn well that there was violence by both sides – Antifa, a radical, Left-wing violent organization which you and other Liberals have refused to condemn.”


Chris Cuomo: “Why would you defend him from the identity of being a terrorist?”

Corey Stewart: “Chris, did you ever hear me defend him? I’m never going to defend a murderer. You defend the violent Lefties like Antifa. I’ve never defended it. And I’ve never heard any Republican defend this son of a gun who murdered this poor woman.”

Who won the debate? 

Cuomo or Stewart?


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