Republican Geoff Diehl Slams Warren In Debate: ‘You Are Running For President’ (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren and Republican challenger Geoff Diehl debated in Boston on Friday night. Warren repeatedly tried to tie him to Trump but he landed the best jab. He called her out for running for president. Why would the people of Massachusetts want to elect a senator who is going to turn around and immediately apply for another job?


Here’s what happened in the Senate debate between Elizabeth Warren and Geoff Diehl

Warren, a possible 2020 presidential candidate running for a second six-year Senate term, defended her decision to release DNA test results this week that provide some evidence a Native American is in her bloodline.

Warren released the tests in part to counter President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly criticized Warren’s claims of Native American heritage, calling her “Pocahontas.”

Warren also said she released the tests for the same reason she put 10 years of her tax returns online and released hiring records from her career as a law professor.

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“The whole notion of confidence in government has really gone to a low point and so for me, what I’ve done is I’ve just tried to put it all out there,” she said. “I am an open book.”…

Diehl said Warren has taken her eye off her day job representing Massachusetts by exploring a White House run. Warren has said she’ll take “a hard look” at a 2020 run after the midterm elections.

“You are running for president. Everybody knows,” Diehl said. “It’s not a secret at all.”

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Watch the video:

They are going to have two more debates but Diehl won this round for sure.


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