Republican J.D. Vance Hammers Democrat Tim Ryan In Ohio Senate Debate (VIDEO)

Republican J.D. Vance clobbered Democrat Tim Ryan in the recent Ohio Senate race debate.

Many political analysts already expect Vance to win this election, but a good debate performance doesn’t hurt.

Even on the issue of abortion, usually thought of as an advantage for Democrats, Vance went after Ryan aggressively.

Red State reports:

J.D. Vance Silences His Doubters, Demolishes Tim Ryan During Debate

One of the more interesting senate races of the cycle is occurring in Ohio between Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan, with the two squaring off in a debate on Monday evening. To put it succinctly, blows were landed.

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On paper, Ohio is a solidly red state, but over the last several months, a narrative has been built that Ryan is uniquely capable of defeating Vance. There hasn’t been much empirical evidence of that outside of some questionable internal polling, but the perception has lingered. Ryan is a supposed “moderate” despite being a rubber stamp for the Democrat agenda, and he’s tried to present himself as disconnected from the broader party he is a member of.

Personally, I haven’t found that convincing at all, and Vance was ready to expose him once they took the debate stage. I know pronouncing that Democrat got owned is cliche, but I think these clips live up to that billing…

Vance notes that he supports exceptions for rape and incest, diffusing Ryan’s attack from the onset. He then takes it a step further by noting that the man who raped that little girl was an illegal immigrant, in the country because of the border policies that Ryan and his party support.

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Watch the clips below:

Vance has good instincts and is probably going to win this race.


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