Republican Rep. Burgess Owens: Democrats Must Push Back On Their Radical Base

Democrats are currently pushing a narrative that Republican voters are dangerous insurrectionists. You can see it every night on cable news outlets like CNN and MSNBC.

But what about their voters?

Utah’s new Republican Representative, the former football great Burgess Owens has some thoughts on this.

He writes at The Daily Wire:

If Democrats Want Unity, They Must Push Back Against Their Radical Base

Last week, I was invited to meet with the Utah House and Senate Democrats to both introduce myself and give them insight into the conservative values I hold dear. Serendipitously, it gave me the opportunity to discuss my upbringing only a few days ahead of the federally marked “Black History Month” of February.

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I was fortunate to have been raised during the 1960s south in a remarkably successful black community. At that time, my race — in much the same way as many others — was decades away from experiencing anything close to the present cultural assimilation we see today.

Although segregated, each community shared common ground; they were proud Americans who felt meritocracy was the pathway to respect. These past generations framed their cultures on basic truths: love of God, family, country and a respect for women and authority.

Nationwide, the black community commanded respect through their commitment to education and success. Across two decades after World War II, they represented our nations’ ​most competitive community by leading the nation with its growth of the middle class, men graduating from college, men committed to marriage and the percentage of risk-taking business owners. Growing up with this experience has given me a platform to speak in real terms, not hypothetically, about the present state of the black community and the lessons that apply to our nation today.

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Read the whole thing.

Burgess recently made a similar point about the media on Twitter:

Utah is lucky to have Mr. Burgess as a representative.


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