Republican Senator Tim Scott Gives Powerful Response After Democrats Block His Police Reform Bill (VIDEO)

Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina has been trying to work on police reforms for years.

It truly seemed like the moment had finally come.

Yet Democrats just blocked it. Scott went out of his way to work with them, but they just refused.

They would rather have the problems go on than be part of the solution.

After the Democrats blocked it, Scott gave an impassioned speech.

This was one of the best parts.

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Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

I’m telling you I had this conversation five years ago. I’m having this conversation right now. We could do something right now. You know, here’s the truth. In Detroit, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, all these cities could have banned choke holds themselves.

They could have increased the police reporting themselves. They could have more data information themselves. They could have de-escalation training themselves. They could have duty to intervene themselves, Minneapolis as well.

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All these communities have been run by Democrats for decades. Decades. What is the R. O. I. For the poorest people in this nation? And I don’t blame them. I blame an elite political class with billions of dollars to do whatever they want to do and look at the results for the poorest, most vulnerable people in our nation.

I’m willing to compete for their vote. Are you?

Here’s the video:

This was another great moment from the speech:

The Democrats are a disgrace.


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