Republican Voter Numbers Surge Against Democrats In Key States

Former Professor of History and author of “How Trump Won” Larry Schweikart has scoured the voter registration rolls for key states.

Here is Schweikart with Steve Bannon on a recent trip to the White House:

Schweikart’s research shows that since November 2016, Republicans have registered a net gain of registered voters in several key states:

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Those are net gains, which means they are a combination of Democrats losing registered voters and Republicans gaining registered voters.

The key state in that group is Pennsylvania. Trump won Pennsylvania by 44, 292 votes. Since then, there’s a net gain of  100,000 registered Republicans!

This is important for the 2018 race for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. In 2016, Republican Toomey won by only 86,690 votes. In 2018, Pennsylvania Republicans are running against incumbent Democrat Bob Casey, Jr.

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Republicans have also gained in Arizona:

And Republicans gained in another important state: Florida!

Trump won Florida by only 113,000 votes. Now, there’s a net gain of 55,585 Republican voters in Florida.

Despite the biased media polls, Republicans are winning in voter registrations. That’s a key indication of what will happen at the ballot box in 2018.

Will there be another Republican landslide in 2018?

For more, see Larry Schweikart’s Twitter feed here.


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