Republicans Slam Mitt Romney For Failing To Support Fellow Utah Senator Mike Lee For Reelection

Senator Mike Lee of Utah is being challenged by never-Trump candidate Evan McMullin and although Lee is in the lead, some polls find it to be a close race.

Mitt Romney, the other Republican senator in Utah is doing nothing to help Lee’s campaign and some Republicans are not happy about it.

Romney should be trying to help his party win the midterms.

The Federalist reports:

GOP Senators Baffled By Mitt Romney’s Ploy To Oust Mike Lee — And Maybe Thwart A Majority

Republican senators are growing concerned by colleague Mitt Romney’s refusal to help fellow Utah Republican Mike Lee decisively win his re-election campaign — a posture that could potentially keep their party from gaining a majority in the November elections. Unlike every other Republican senator, the 2012 failed Republican presidential candidate is declining to express a preference in Republican Lee’s re-election effort against Democrat-endorsed Evan McMullin.

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“I respect [Romney], and I understand that each state has its own dynamics, but I do not understand why he is remaining neutral,” said one Republican senator who asked not to be identified. “Whatever our differences, we all try to support each other around election time.”

Both moderate and conservative senators confirmed the grumbling in the conference. “We should not have to be worried about Utah in any way. I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing, but it’s not going over well, particularly with the [senators] who are up for chairmanships,” said another Republican senator. Neither Lee nor Romney responded to inquiries by press time…

“If you’re not going to have the back of your colleague in your state who is a fellow Republican, how will I know you’ll have my back?” said one senior Republican staffer, describing the thinking of the conference. “It creates a certain amount of awkwardness in the conference as a whole.”

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Conservatives are already very mistrustful of Mitt Romney.

He could help himself and his party if he would show some support for Mike Lee ahead of November.


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