Retiring RINO Republican Says He Won’t Help Replacement Because Of Democrat “Friend” (VIDEO)

Outgoing Republican Bob Corker is just the type of guy conservatives no longer need in the GOP. He is apparently more loyal to his liberal friends than he is to keeping America free of Democrat rule.

He all but admitted this during a recent appearance on CNN.

From CNN:

Corker offers tepid endorsement of Republican running to replace him

Outgoing Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker on Sunday defended his praise of the Democrat running in the race to replace him, but said he still plans to support the Republican nominee.

“He is my friend,” Corker said of the candidate, former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen,to CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.” “I’m not going to campaign against him, but I’m supporting our nominee.”

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Corker, who has publicly criticized President Donald Trump, announced last year he would not seek re-election. Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn is running to replace him, and has Trump’s backing against Bredesen.

When Bash asked Corker why Blackburn was better, he responded, “I think most people in our state, it is a red state, will focus on the first vote she makes, and that’s the vote to elect the majority leader.”…

“He was a very good mayor, a very good governor, a very good business person,” He said at the event. “And look, I’m not going to campaign against someone who I’ve been a friend with and worked with, so that’s the way it’s gonna be.”

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Watch the video:

At least this guy is retiring, so there’s some good news.


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