Reverend Franklin Graham Slams Biden’s Divisive Speech: ‘Trying to Vilify Freedom Loving Americans’

Lots of people are reacting negatively to Biden’s speech in Philadelphia this week, where he demonized half of the country as a dangerous threat to democracy.

It was shocking to hear such words being said by an American president.

Reverend Franklin Graham is one of the critics who is speaking out against Biden over this.

Breitbart News reports:

Franklin Graham Blasts President’s Address: Biden ‘Trying to Vilify Freedom-Loving Americans’

President Joe Biden’s speech was an attempt to vilify and demean conservatives who do not support his failed policies, Rev. Franklin Graham said Thursday.

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“Tonight President Biden said that MAGA threatens the very foundation of our republic. Really? I want to see America great again,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Here’s what Graham wrote on Facebook:

Tonight President Biden said that MAGA threatens the very foundation of our republic. Really? I want to see America great again. I want to see America as a leader, as a place for people who desire liberty and justice for all. I don’t want to see this country turned into a socialist country. I don’t want to see it fail. Does believing in freedom, justice, opportunity, less taxes, and smaller government make me an extremist? Absolutely not.

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The ones who are extremists are the ones who want to take that away from us! Ronald Reagan campaigned to Make America Great Again. Does that make him an extremist? President Biden is trying to vilify and demean conservative, freedom-loving Americans who do not support the failing and economically unsound policies of his administration. This is just further dividing our nation.

Ultimately, America can only have true greatness through God. The blessings of this nation have come from the hand of God. We need to turn to Him. We need His help, His direction, and His healing.

Biden made a big mistake with this speech.

His party also made a big mistake by supporting it.


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