REWRITING HISTORY: Lying Democrats Now Claim It Was Republicans Who Wanted To Defund Police

Democrats are trying to rewrite the history of the last year and a half and they actually believe the American people are stupid enough to believe their lies.

Democrats and their activist base called for defunding police over and over again during the last year. Now that violent crime, including murder, is surging in Democrat controlled cities, Democrats are panicking and now trying to claim it was Republicans who wanted to defund police.

This is a straight up lie.

This began last week, when White House press secretary Jen Psaki floated the lie during a press conference.

Since then, Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono has claimed that Democrats never wanted to defund police.

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FOX News liberal Chris Wallace pushed the same stupid lie on Sunday.

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Jen Psaki then doubled down on this lie.

An adviser for Joe Biden also pushed the lie. From Yahoo News:

Top Biden adviser blames guns for crime surge and insists Republicans defunded police

President Joe Biden’s senior adviser Cedric Richmond blamed a nationwide crime surge on guns on Sunday and insisted Republicans defunded the police earlier in the year.

His comments follow an announcement from the Justice Department that it is implementing “cross-jurisdictional firearms trafficking strike forces” in five U.S. cities to track and stop the illegal transfer of firearms amid unprecedented spikes in crime. When asked what is behind the rise in violence, Richmond insisted firearms, including so-called “assault weapons,” were the culprit.

Check out these unreal crime statistics. All Democrat run cities.

What this shows us is that Democrats are looking at internal polling and the numbers are awful.

So now they are running away from ‘defund the police’ and trying to blame Republicans.

Democrats are shameless liars and they will pay a price for this at the polls.


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