Rhode Island Democrat Rep. David Cicilline Calls Constitutional Rights ‘Bulls**t’ (VIDEO)

During a heated debate on gun control this week, Rhode Island Democrat Rep. David Cicilline let the mask slip and referred to Constitutional rights as “bullshit.”

This is what Democrats think about our founding documents and your God-given rights. Talk about saying the quiet part out loud.

This will appear in a lot of political ads this fall, as it should.

Townhall reports:

Rep. David Cicilline: ‘Spare Me the Bullsh*t About Constitutional Rights’

Democrat Representative David Cicilline of Rhode Island said a bit of the anti-gun left’s quiet part out loud in a House hearing on Thursday when he went on a rant against the constitutionally protected rights of the American people.

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Cicilline’s outburst came after concerns were raised that Democrat proposals for federal restrictions on firearms — such as red flag laws — would violate Americans’ right to keep and bear arms as well as infringe on their due process rights.

“You know who didn’t have due process?” Cicilline asked, growing heated. “You know who didn’t have their constitutional right to life respected? Kids at Parkland, and Sandy Hook, and Uvalde, and Buffalo, and the list goes on and on,” he said. “So spare me the bullsh*t about constitutional rights.”

When asked to yield, Cicilline snapped back, “no I will not yield, and I will not yield for my entire five minutes so don’t ask again.”

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Here’s the video:

Everyone can see what’s really going on here.

Democrats see the Constitution as an obstacle to getting what they really want.


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