RINO Crank Ana Navarro Claims CNN Is Not Biased, Tries To Be Balanced (VIDEO)

Meghan McCain challenged her co-hosts on The View this week over anti-Republican bias in the media. Ana Navarro, CNN’s favorite Trump hating Republican, claimed that CNN is not biased and tries to be balanced. What a joke.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Ana Navarro: ‘CNN Tries to Be Very Balanced’

Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro engaged in a fiery debate over media bias on Friday’s episode of “The View,” with Navarro vehemently defending the journalistic integrity of CNN, the network she frequently contributes to.

McCain opened the discussion by expressing disagreement with President Donald Trump’s use of the word ‘enemy’ to describe the media…

Guest host Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ attorney, chimed in that Republicans “have a station that’s dedicated to their propaganda,” referring to Fox News. McCain rebutted that the Democrats have CNN.

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Navarro, a vocally anti-Trump Republican strategist and frequent CNN contributor, jumped in to defend CNN. “CNN tries to be very balanced. CNN has commentators on like me and every time I’m on, I’m on against somebody that is defending Trump.” Navarro then referenced McCain’s past work at MSNBC.

“A very, very, very long time ago,” McCain retorted.

“Okay, but it was part of your history. Well you just came for CNN knowing I’m a CNN-er,” said Navarro, apparently taking McCain’s comments personally.

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Watch the video:

Who does Navarro think she’s kidding?


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