WOW! 11 Year-Old Trump Supporter at CPAC Makes World News, Ignored by US Media (VIDEO)

A video has surfaced of an 11 year-old girl who went on gave a fiery interview with a reporter at CPAC 2017 which went completely ignored by the U.S. media.

The young Trump supporter said: “So one day I was at home watching the TV.  This is before the election sort of began and then there was this guy.  He talked about all the issues we were facing, all the problems.  Okay, that’s normal every politician does that.  Then something extraordinary happened. He said how to fix them.  And you know that is amazing.  No politician ever says how to fix them. Maybe some do but you know they don’t really mean it.  You know they’re all talk no action. And I could tell by the way Donald Trump meant that he was going to do some action. But how? Then he said those words I will never, ever in my life forget: ‘I Donald J Trump am running for President’, and he talked about all these issues. And one of the other reasons I like him is because this is my favorite reason: WE WILL BUILD A WALL ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDERS AND MEXICO, NO BUTS ABOUT IT, MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL.”

It’s great to see the young generations fired up about American politics and patriotism. 

(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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