ACCESS DENIED: Israel Closes Border with Egypt After Church Bombings

In response the the horrific church bombings in Egypt that left dozens of Christians dead, Israel has decided to shut down it’s border with Egypt.

The Daily Caller reported:

Israeli authorities closed the border due to warnings of an “imminent” attack against tourists at Red Sea resorts in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Thousands of Israeli citizens were expected to travel to Sinai during Passover.

Israeli Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz warned of a potential “terror attack” against tourists in Sinai in a statement Monday.

Israel’s border closure comes one day after attacks on two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt Sunday left 36 people dead. A rocket attack originating in Sinai exploded inside Israel just hours after the border closure. No injuries were reported.

The closure will continue until April 18, and only affects Israeli citizens. Foreigners will be allowed to cross and Israeli citizens already in Egypt will be allowed to return. Israel’s counter-terrorism bureau issued a warning to travelers heading to Sinai last month.

Americans who aren’t on board with the wall that President Trump is proposing on the southern border need to take a hard look at Israel.

Israel always seems to be a step or two a head in terms of policies that the United States needs to adopt.

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