ANN COULTER: “Why Can’t We Learn From Western Europe?” (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter recently appeared on Fox News’ Hannity with host Sean Hannity to talk about the recent ruling from a Hawaiian judge who blocked Trump’s travel ban.

Coulter started out by saying, “On most things i’m disappointed with the Republican congress. First of all, the ought to be impeaching those two travel ban judges immediately it is totally outrageous it is against the constitution. The President and by the way every member of congress took an oath to uphold the constitution. The commander-in-chief has authority over immigration. He has full authority not only through the constitution and in his duties as commander-in-chief but through a federal law passed by congress that’s been on the books and reaffirmed in hundreds of supreme court cases…”

Ann Coulter is absolutely right. The Republicans in congress need to get with the program and impeach the two judges who have so far blocked the travel ban. They have no legal authority to do so and they are clearly not upholding the constitution and they need to be removed.

This is not Obama’s America anymore, the lawlessness needs to end and that includes legislating from the bench.

(Image: Twitter Screenshot)

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