AWKWARD: Crooked Hillary Tells Supporters To “Stand Up, Resist” (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton took to Snapchat on Wednesday to tell her supporters to “Stand Up, Resist.”

In the video, Clinton said “There’s a lot to fight for, Planned Parenthood, education, healthcare, jobs, every issue is a women’s issue. So stand up, resist. Run for office, be a champion.”

NTK Network reported: Clinton famously joked about starting a Snapchat account at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding during the Democratic primary:

“By the way, you may have seen that I’ve recently launched a Snapchat account. I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves.”

In February, Clinton released a YouTube that urged Democrats to keep fighting, which aired during the Democratic Party’s Winter Meeting in Atlanta.

Clinton’s activity on social media in recent weeks will probably fuel speculation that Clinton is considering another run for office, possibly even for president in 2020.”

The video was  awkward to say the least. If you look closely at the video and pay attention to her left eye it appears as though it is acting up again. Hillary’s health issues were a factor in the 2016 presidential election as many Americans believed she was in poor. Hillary has had problems with her left eye before where it seems to not be in sync with her right eye.

(Image: YouTube Screenshot)
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