CORY BOOKER LOSING IT: ‘The Russians Are Coming!’ (VIDEO)

Notorious liar Cory Booker has literally become further insane than he already was…

Transcript provided via Real Clear Politics:

SEN. CORY BOOKER: Well, look, I’ve been one of those people that had serious problems with Comey when he came to — the way he handled incidents leading into the election. But I was even on your show, I would not call for his being fired.

I think it’s very problematic when you have a president and an attorney general involving themselves at a time in the firing of an individual that was investigating, asking for more resources to investigate, not only to Russia’s attacks, cyberattacks, but also people that were part of the campaign — as Jeff Sessions was and, obviously, as candidate Trump was.

And so, this really have to get back to the focus of what’s going on right now, which is really a moment in American history where we’ve had an unprecedented attack on our elections and how are we as a nation going to respond. Donald Trump clearly has not taken this seriously, and what should be a Paul Revere moment for our country, where people are talking about the Russians are coming, they’re not intending not only to attack this last election but intending to continue this behavior, what will our response be?

And right now, it’s been wholly unsatisfactory from this administration.

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