BOOM! Texas Passes Law Banning “Sanctuary Cities” And Sheriffs Who Won’t Comply Get JAIL!

The State of Texas passed a new law that empowers police to enforce immigration laws and threatens that any sheriff or police chief that try to stop it will go to jail.

The AP reported:

A late tweak backed by some of the chamber’s most conservative voices could ensure that law enforcement across the country’s second-largest state can inquire if people are in the country illegally during traffic stops and other fairly common interactions – which opponents say will spark the kind of immigration crackdown that the Trump administration has so far been unsuccessful implementing nationally.

The key 93-54 vote advancing the bill came just before 3 a.m. and followed 15-plus hours of heated, sometimes tearful debate, much of it from outnumbered Democrats unable to stop the bill. Final approval that again broke along party lines helped the proposal clear the House in the late afternoon.

It would allow Texas to withhold funding from county and local governments for acting as sanctuary cities. Other Republican-led states have pushed for similar policies, but Texas would be the first in which police chiefs and other officials could face a misdemeanor criminal charge of official misconduct and be removed from office for not helping enforce immigration law.

The next step is getting similar laws passed throughout the United States!

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