CNN ANALYST: You Don’t Have The ‘Right’ To Be Anonymous

CNN “analyst” Kirsten Powers, who is one of the nastiest and most hateful people at CNN, believes that you don’t have the right to be anonymous online.

The Daily Caller reported:

Powers was responding to the uproar surrounding CNN’s report on the Reddit user believed to be responsible for the famous WWE meme of President Trump body-slamming the network’s logo. The CNN article included a line that many took as a threat to reveal the meme maker’s name if he doesn’t comply with the outlet’s demands.

The CNN commentator took issue with the people from all sides of the political aisle taking the side of the Reddit user, who goes by the pseudonym “HanAssholeSolo,” and argued he didn’t deserve any sympathy due to his past “anti-semitic racist, and anti-gay” posts. She also said that big news outlets revealing the names of anonymous internet users would not “destroy” the doxxed.

Powers tweeted, saying that you don’t have the right to be anonymous…

She also decided to take a swipe at humor by claiming that she is an expert at free speech…

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