CNN Anchor Thinks US National Anthem is FRENCH National Anthem (VIDEO)

The Clinton News Network (CNN) had another embarrassing moment on live TV as President Trump visited France as they thought that the U.S. National Anthem was the French National Anthem.

The Daily Caller reported:

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow apparently didn’t recognize the Star Spangled Banner on Thursday, mistaking it for the French national anthem.

Harlow was covering President Trump’s arrival in Paris, France to meet with French president Emmanuel Macron. After the two world leaders shook hands, they stood together as a band played the United States national anthem.

However, Harlow cut to the scene by saying, “Let’s just listen in to the French national anthem for just a moment.”

It took at least ten seconds before whispering could be heard in the background–presumably a producer who caught Harlow’s error–and Harlow had to correct herself.

Nothing says you don’t care about your own country than not knowing your national anthem and thinking it belongs to a foreign country.

CNN was quickly blasted for their stupidity…

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