CLASSY! Convicted Felon Martha Stewart FLIPS OFF Picture Of President Trump

Convicted criminal Martha Stewart showed off just how classy she when she flipped out a picture of President Trump at an art event.

Cosmo reported:

I present to you: The Only Art That Matters, Starring Martha Stewart.

A man at Frieze New York was taking a photo of Andres Serrano’s portraits of Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg when a familiar face wandered into frame. Who was it?! Well, Martha Stewart, of course! She ran into the unsuspecting man’s shot and posed with a middle finger to Trump and a peace sign to her pal (and frequent collaborator) Snoop Dogg. It’s *Fat Italian Chef’s Kiss*.

Remember that Martha Stewart is a convicted felon so having no character comes pretty easy for her…

USA Today reported:

In a sweeping victory for federal prosecutors, a jury of 12 New Yorkers convicted Martha Stewart and her broker on four counts each for making false statements related to her sale of ImClone stock more than two years ago.

Martha Stewart leaves a U.S. Federal Courthouse in Manhattan after being found guilty on four felony counts Friday.

(Image: Screenshot)

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