WATCH: Cuban Man Crashes Communist Parade Waving U.S. Flag (VIDEO)

This is what a truly brave man looks like…

Breitbart reported:

The man, identified as Daniel Llorente, has previously waged similar protests against the communist regime of dictator Raúl Castro and has expressed vocally his support for the American government.

Video of the incident shows that Llorente took off running in front of the throngs, waving an American flag before the likeness of mass murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara in the Plaza of the Revolution, waiting to march just moments before the May Day parade was to begin, shouting anti-government slogans. A group of men waiting on the sidelines, who have not been identified in reports, restrained, beat, and dragged Llorente away. Every major Cuban government leader, including dictator Castro, was in attendance.

“I use whatever flag I want because I am free. I am not a hypocrite, not like all the Cubans marching yesterday [the 2016 May Day march] — all those Cubans are hypocrites,” he told his detractors. He went on to praise the U.S. flag as the “pride of the Americans” and assert, “I don’t fear the government.”

(Image: Screenshot)

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