Why Aren’t The DAY WITHOUT A WOMAN Activists Protesting Muslim Countries?

On Wednesday, women across the United States skipped work to join the Day Without A Woman strike which claimed to be about women’s rights. The strike is sure to be comprised of mostly liberal women who support liberal causes and beliefs including support for Islam.

Ironically, a recent report from the World Economic Forum indicates that the worst countries for women to live in are Muslim majority countries. In fact, 16 out of the 17 worst countries for women to live in are Muslim majority countries.

Below are the 17 worst countries for women to live in. Only Cote d’lvoire is not considered to be a Muslim majority country according to the University of Michigan.

#128 – Kuwait

#129 – Mauritania

#130 – Turkey

#131 – Bahrain

#132 – Egypt

#133 – Oman

#134 – Jordan

#135 – Lebanon

#136 – Cote d’lvoire

#137 – Morocco

#138 – Mali

#139 – Iran

#140 – Chad

#141 – Saudi Arabia

#142 – Syria

#143 – Pakistan

#144 – Yemen

The organizers for the strike are the same people who created the Women’s March on Washington in January which was intended to denounce Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Fox News reported: “While the gender equality demonstration, which comes on the same day as International Women’s Day, was organized prior to President Trump’s election and inspired by women’s protests in other countries, critics say it is meant to denounce his presidency and bring politics into the classroom. 

The strike was created by the organizers of the historic Women’s March on Washington in January, which drew hundreds of thousands in protest of Trump. Among the groups supporting Wednesday’s demonstration are Planned Parenthood, MoveOn.org and Amnesty International, according to the Women’s March website.”

Perhaps the women who are participating in the Day Without A Woman strike should go to one of the 16 countries above and live there for a year before deciding to skip work to denounce President Trump.


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