DEMOCRAT Releases Gangster Who Then Shoots Cop

Democratic policies are literally putting American lives at risk…

Breitbart reported:

A pair of gang members — one of whom was reportedly out on the streets because of Jerry Brown’s sentencing reform to allow “non-violent” offenders to be released early from state prison to county supervision — were arrested in the early morning hours last Friday.

The two allegedly went on a violent crime spree in Murrieta and Temecula that included allegedly stealing two cars, reckless driving and firing multiple shots at pursuing police officers.

According to Sun News and Review, Fernando Alonso and Jose Perez Rodriguez have been booked on a long list of charges:

Since their initial booking, both Alonso and Rodriguez have also been booked by Murrieta PD detectives for the added booking charge of PC 664/187 – Attempted Murder of a Peace Officer, which carries a $1,000,000 bail.

It all reportedly started at approximately 2:35 am on Friday, May 5th, according to a Valley News report, when a Murrieta police officer attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle as it entered the Las Brisas Apartment complex.

“As the officer was approaching the vehicle on foot, the driver of the vehicle sped off at a high rate of speed with the vehicle’s headlights off,” Murrieta Police Lieutenant Ron Driscoll stated in a written press release reported by multiple news sources.

For the sake of California, let’s hope that they elect a better Governor next time!

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