CNN’s Kate Bolduan: Physical ASSAULT Is ‘Democracy In Action’ (VIDEO)

Recently CNN strongly condemned when a GOP candidate body slammed a reported in Montana, but when a Democratic politician physically assaults another politician they call it ‘democracy in action.’

The Daily Caller reported:

CNN’s Kate Bolduan downplayed a Democrat politician’s assault on his Republican colleague as being “democracy in action” Tuesday morning.

After playing a clip of Texas Democrat Poncho Nevarez saying “I got in his face and I put my hands on the guy, Bolduan described the scene as “in some strange way, democracy in action.”

Notably, many of the “protesters” Bolduan referred to were believed to be illegal immigrants, whose disruption of the political process hardly constitutes a constructive part of democracy.

Had a Republican politician physically assaulted a Democrat colleague, would the team at CNN be so dismissive and cavalier in their reporting of it?

CNN is so disgusting!

People blasted these clowns on Twitter…

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