WATCH: Democrat Senator Blames ‘Russia Distraction’ For Ossoff’s Loss in Georgia Special Election (VIDEO)

It took less than 24 hours but it happened. The Democrats have already started to blame Russia for Jon Ossoff’s loss in the special election in Georgia.

The Daily Caller reported:

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy blamed those very distracting Russians for Jon Ossoff’s loss Tuesday in the Georgia special election.

Murphy said during a Wednesday appearance on “Morning Joe” that he thinks there are more important issues to be campaigning on then just Russian interference, saying Democrats should lean their focus towards economics.

“The fact that we have spent so much time talking about Russia, you know, has been a distraction from what should be the clear contrast between Democrats and the Trump agenda, which is on economics,” Murphy said.

He also implied that Ossoff should have made President Donald Trump the center focus of the race.

“Whether it what was the right decision or the wrong decision, Ossoff decided to not make Trump the center focus of that race,” Murphy said.

Watch the video:

No one wants what the Democrats are selling anymore and all this talk about how they are going to come back is just that, talk.

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