FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton Praises North Korea Nuke Deal as a Success (VIDEO)

The world today is more dangerous than at any other point in human history because of nations like North Korea who are governed by mentally unstable leaders who possess nuclear weapons and threaten to start wars for virtually no reason. We can give credit to former President Bill Clinton for helping create this dangerous world that now exists for humanity.

Infowars reported:

In 1994 President Bill Clinton praised his nuclear agreement with North Korea as a way to “end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula.”

“This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world,” Clinton said at the time. “It reduces the danger of the threat of nuclear spreading in the region. It’s a crucial step toward drawing North Korea into the global community.”

In light of recent events, including North Korea coming even closer to obtaining an ICBM capable of reaching the United States, it appears as if Clinton’s nuclear deal is shaping up to be as useless as President Obama’s Iran deal.

“Today, after 16 months of intense and difficult negotiations with North Korea, we have completed an agreement that will make the United States, the Korean Peninsula, and the world safer,” Clinton added. “Under the agreement, North Korea has agreed to freeze its existing nuclear program and to accept international inspection of all existing facilities.”

As usual only a Democrat could be behind something this disastrous and ill-conceived.

In the near future the world is going to have to face another nation that will have nuclear weapon capabilities with Iran.

Special thanks to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for creating such a dangerous world. 

H/T: Infowars

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