HA! Washington Judge Upholds Fines for Faithless Electors

On Wednesday a Washington state judge upheld fines for electors who broke their pledges to vote for Hillary Clinton according to The Hill.

The Hill reported:

“Judge Robert Krabill of Tacoma said Washington’s secretary of State was within her rights to levy $1,000 fines against Levi Guerra, Esther John and Peter “Bret” Chiafolo, Democratic electors who voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell over Clinton in the presidential election.

All three electors, along with a fourth who voted for a Native American leader, signed a pledge to vote for Clinton if she won Washington’s electoral votes. Clinton took 57 percent of the vote in the reliably liberal state in November.”

The fact that four electors were willing to be fined $1,000 for breaking their pledge to vote for Hillary Clinton should say a lot about just the type of person Hillary Clinton is.

Hillary actually lost more electors than any U.S. politician in the last 100 years.

Rumors are already starting to circulate that crooked Hillary is planning another run for the oval office in 2020.

It surely will be satisfying watching her lose again to Donald Trump in 2020 if she decides to give it another shot.

(Image: Shutterstock photo licensed to Ryan Saavedra)

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