HANNITY: Five Powerful Forces Aligning Against President Trump (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity knocked it out of the park when he talked about the forces that are actively engaged in trying to destroy President Trump.

Fox News Insider reported:

Hannity said the five groups were the “destroy-Trump propaganda media,” the Democrats, the deep-state establishment within the bureaucracy, establishment Republicans and “NeverTrump-ers.”

He said the same media that colluded with Hillary Clinton has been on a mission to “slander” Trump.

Hannity said that part of that slander includes their “tin foil hat conspiracy theories” revolving around the idea that Trump colluded with the Russians.

“The media has become completely unhinged,” he said, calling their collective outcry a case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“The truth does not matter to these people that call themselves journalists,” he said.

He added that “sore-loser” Democrats and the segment of Republicans that opposed Trump’s candidacy made clear they aim to obstruct his agenda.

Here are some tweets regarding the Hannity’s thoughts…

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