An anchor at fake news CNN is starting to get sick and tired of talking about Russia, who can blame her?

Ever since November 8, 2016, ‘Russia’ is virtually the only thing that the Democrats and the media have talked about as they try to destroy President Trump’s presidency.

The Hill reported:

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota said on Friday she has fatigue from the news media’s continuing coverage of alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling.

“I hear your Russia fatigue and I share it. You know, there are many mornings I come in and pray for other news to eclipse any sort of Russia thread,” the “New Day” anchor told the “Bernie and Sid Show” on 77 WABC.

“There are always ethical dilemmas that journalists face. Every day we are making decisions about ‘What are we going to lead with?’ ‘What are we going to leave out?’” she continued.

“By the time I plug in, there is already a direction of the show. However, I am free at any time to say to my executive producer, which I do pretty regularly, ‘Hey, I don’t want to do this in this segment, I want to do this,’ and then it’s a debate.”

Camerota’s comments come amid a growing feud between President Trump and the press as the media continues to cover a series of revelations surrounding the federal probe into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, including possible ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

CNN is getting beat in prime time ratings by Nick-at-Nite cartoons, that is both sad and hilarious!

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