KELLY’S FILE: Megyn Kelly Is Having A Messy Transition to NBC News

In a statement released on Monday, Fox News said they released Megyn Kelly from her contract so she could start at working at NBC according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal reported: Ms. Kelly’s camp contests that. Leslee Dart, Ms. Kelly’s spokeswoman said, “the terms of the termination are still being negotiated.”

Ms. Kelly’s most recent deal at Fox News paid her an annual salary of $15 million, people familiar with the contract said. They said the deal also came with the usual perks for big-name talent such as car service and security.

Meanwhile, NBC is in limbo. While it has an agreement with Ms. Kelly that includes a salary in the same neighborhood as what she was making at Fox News, she still doesn’t have a start date at NBC News, a person close to the situation said.

Ms. Kelly’s last on-air appearance at Fox News was January 6 when she signed off as hosyt of her prime-time show “The Kelly File.” She announced her new shows with NBC News a few days earlier, but little beyond the general time of day and frequency of the programs is known.

Kelly had a rough time at Fox News throughout 2016 with her feud with Donald Trump and her demands for a $20 million salary.

Fox News made a wise move getting rid of Kelly and replacing her with Tucker Carlson who has dominated the news ever since.

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